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3D laser scanning is now one of the most popular measurement methods in industry and construction. Our high-performance scanners come into play as soon as the task is in the room, to capture complex objects spatially in 3D, to use time-limited windows or to achieve a high level of detail. In addition, we are able to create high-resolution panorama photos to add color information to the point cloud.


In 2006, VTW began pioneering work in the field of laser scanning and has been a competent partner for various planning or conversion projects ever since. In addition to providing point clouds in common data formats, we create 3D CAD models for you according to your needs and specifications (see also 3D modeling).


Here are the advantages for you

  • short downtimes in industrial plants

  • Scanning of almost all surfaces with millimeter precision

  • high level of detail

  • large pool of data

  • Reduction of time-consuming rework

  • Correction of planning documents

  • Project data adapted to customer requirements

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