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Whether it's rough setting out, surveying foundations, georadar surveys, drone flights, 3D laser scanning including modelling or complex deformation analyses, at VTW I know my project is in the best hands.
The wide range of state-of-the-art equipment offers the right solution in every construction phase. Starting with the basic survey, through engineering, to construction supervision and final documentation, the entire spectrum of surveying services is carried out to the utmost satisfaction. 
In addition to the professional and friendly manner of all colleagues at all times, the most economical and efficient solution for the client is always sought. 
This makes surveying fun.


- Philip Dorow - Construction Service Classen

In terms of economy, I can definitely say that you can save at least double what the surveying work costs by saving scaffolding/steelwork costs by transferring statically relevant components on buildings/structures.

This also increases the safety of the employees carrying out the work. The exact transfer of structural components also guarantees the quality of the execution. In civil engineering work, too, the exact measurement of pipelines/routes is decisive for subsequent construction measures. With this, the situation is known and one can work sensibly and minimise the risks and costs, as one does not have to search for the routes in laborious manual work.

- Marius-Adrian Breaz - THE ENGINEERS - Grobecker GmbH

The cooperation with VTW has been a delight from the beginning. Adequate anticipation and thorough follow-up has helped us to get the information requested as soon as possible. Desk services, field services and management are aligned to operate as fluently as possible. The knowledge of the sites, and the specific site safety regulations are well known and followed.


- Jaap Holwerda, Construction Superintendent Swan project - Worley

We were very pleased with the pleasant and very efficient cooperation both during the surveying work and afterwards and are very satisfied with the results.
After a short training full stop, we were able to extract the measurement points from the point cloud well using the tool provided. The coloured point cloud was a great advantage. The prepared conversion table from the local coordinate system to UTM and back also helped us a lot. In the end, the measurement data was even so good that we were able to subsequently measure an assembly that was only installed later without any problems using the scan data.

Many thanks! We are looking forward to the next joint measurements!

- Kolja Brix - indurad GmbH -

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