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Achieving the highest quality, safety, health and environmental standards and continuously improving quality, occupational safety and environmental protection to the greatest possible extent is the declared goal of the VTW management, executives and all employees.

Our quality management focuses on:

  • Compliance with all relevant legal regulations and internal guidelines,

  • Safety-oriented design of working conditions and workplaces in order to avoid accidents at work and illness-related absences as well as damage to property

  • (this also applies to subcontractors who work for us),

  • Continuous improvement of the SGU system (management system for safety, health and environment),

  • Promotion of occupational safety and environmental awareness through information and training of employees at all levels,

  • To take all necessary and necessary measures to reduce environmental pollution and to preserve the natural basis of life.

Our company is SCC certified, 80% of our employees are company first aiders.

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