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We offer you competent solutions in the field of aerial surveys. UAVs (Unmaned Aerial Vehicles) with high-resolution SLR cameras are used. If you need information about a difficult-to-access or large-scale area, then this measuring method can meet your requirements exactly.

Evaluation results include orthophotos, surface models or mass determinations. The combination with a 3D laser scanner is also conceivable in order to still capture areas that cannot be flown over and to provide you with a homogeneous data basis.

flight safety

All our pilots have current class A2 drone driving licenses and registration of our flight equipment, which has been valid since the beginning of 2021 according to the EU drone regulation.
In addition, we have completed an extensive assessment center that we have been granted flight permits for the industrial sector.

Here are the advantages for you

  • high efficiency

  • contactless

  • Indoor and outdoor inspection flights

  • Detection of damaged areas through thermal imaging

  • Ssecurity for your ownEmployee

Weberplatz Essen
Weberplatz Essen / Orthophoto from aerial data
Harkortturm Wetter
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