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What is BIM?


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the basis for the digital transformation in construction (AEC) and architecture.

and architecture. It is a holistic process for creating and managing information for a building object. Based on an intelligent model enabled by a cloud platform, BIM integrates structured, multidisciplinary data to create a digital representation of an object throughout its lifecycle - from planning and design to construction and operation.

The life cycle of a building project extends from planning through construction measures to the use and maintenance phase. BIM models play a decisive role in this. We support you in your project, whether it is a BIM model for planning purposes based on existing data or the implementation of a facility management system for existing properties.

Our recording methods (3D laser scanning, aerial photography by drone) form the foundation on which a 3D model can be built. Our experienced 3D designers are at your side. You determine the data structure of the model, for example on the basis of component catalogues according to DIN standards and the modelling of objects according to interference edge methods. The degree of accuracy, the level of detail (LOD) or the model-based data exchange via the IFC interface are important parameters for your project.

Here are the advantages for you

  • Improving cooperation in construction

  • Optimization of data consistency in the planning process

  • Overview of when and what materials are needed

  • Effects of a plan change on construction time and costs

  • Everyone involved has access to all information from the start 

  • More transparent and efficient collaboration

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