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3D model for static verification

In Düsseldorf is the late Baroque Catholic Church of St. Maximilian, also known as the Maxkirche, which emerged from a Franciscan monastery that was dissolved in 1804. After a storm, the cross had to be taken down because it threatened to fall down, including the weathercock. After this storm, the statics of the church tower were examined in order to be able to take appropriate strengthening measures.


Exposed structurally relevant elements of the tower, such as the stud frame, were recorded on the basis of 3D laser scanning. A 3D model was created in close cooperation with the statics partner office, so that a concept for the conversion work could be developed on this basis.


Old hand drawings from the church archives and interviews with contemporary witnesses were also used to help reconstruct the church tower. 2D plans were then generated for the archive of the church in order to document our work for future generations.

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