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Drone flight for mass determination

A 10,000 m² area was flown over in a few hours to plan a new construction project using a survey drone / UAV. In addition to the question of detailed height information and terrain, the total volume to be removed had to be evaluated.


The individual images were linked and georeferenced in post-processing. Based on a point cloud from the image data, an exact elevation model of the terrain surface could be created. The filtering of trees and other vegetation are crucial steps in order to capture the actual terrain.


With the help of intelligent filter processes, this has been achieved impressively. In addition to the accuracy requirements, useful results of approx. 34,000 m³ removal, individual rents for building rubble and contaminated sites could also be quantified.


The final results were orthophotos with 2cm ground resolution, site plans with elevations and a comprehensible calculation of masses.

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