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  • Philipp Landa

Inspection of large-volume silos

Challenge for man and technology

After commissioning a new filling plant for grain, it turned out that the quantities filled into trucks did not match the filling quantities of the silos.

Grain silo under construction - the individual silo cells are clearly visible from above.

The challenge

Using a hydraulic overhead tripod and the 3D laser scanner, VTW recorded 170 silo cells, calculated their individual volumes and determined the deviation from the target volume. Each cell had a depth of 40 metres.

The 3-D laser scanner detects each silo cell up to a depth of 40 m.

The result of the measurement

Allegedly identical building types had individual volumes with differences of up to 5 cubic metres. These are deviations of up to 3% of the total volume.

To be seen on the right of the view: Floor plan of the silo cells

Representation of the silo cells in 3D as a point cloud

360-degree panorama of the cell covers

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