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New tank construction at Marl Chemical Park

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Checking the tank foundation for a new tank construction.

The chemical park in Marl covers 650 hectares and provides jobs for about 10,000 people. 1938 is the year the park was founded and it is now Evonik's largest production site. In addition to the chemicals group and its subsidiaries, 17 other companies are located on the site in North Rhine-Westphalia. (Image: Source: Evonik)

The park, which is now Evonik's largest production site, was founded in 1938.

Our task was to check the tank foundation for a new tank construction.

The foundation had to have a certain flatness (3mm tolerance) and a target slope of 2%.

Our customer wanted to know in detail, vividly and directly on site on the same day, where the tolerances were exceeded.

The illustration shows colored areas of deviation from the nominal geometry (flat surface with 2% area) and areas exceeding tolerances (to be ground off later)

We first performed a 3D scan of the surface with our 3D laser scanner

and started analyzing the data directly on site. After cleaning up the point cloud, the surface was meshed and this "3D mesh" was checked against the target geometry. To illustrate the slope in the foundation, the contour lines were derived from the mesh. The deviations determined in this way can be clearly read in a so-called heat map (diagram for visualizing data).

At the same time, the corner points of the areas to be marked (polygons) were prepared in the back office, which we then transferred to the foundation using a total station. With this representation, our customer was able to get an impression of the deviations on site. Spray paint was used to mark the areas where the foundation needed to be smoothed or ground down.

The advantages for the customer:

Measurement, evaluation and marking of the areas exceeding the tolerances, including the measurement report, were carried out directly on the construction site on a single day.

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