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  • Philipp Landa

Weststadthalle Essen

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Weststadthalle is a well-known venue in Essen.

Due to extensive reconstruction measures, VTW was commissioned with an overall documentation.

The preparation of escape route plans and architect's drawings were our contribution as a basis for the replanning. Mobile scanning in the interior and static laser scanning with higher accuracy in the stage area were successfully combined. In addition, the facade was captured with a drone.

Original shot of the drone flight

The challenge

We were also confronted with the challenge of capturing the glazed front of the Weststadthalle. We recreated the intricately applied lettering on each glass element in an orthophoto so that individual graphic elements on the glass panes could be replaced without adjustment work.

Reflections and light reflections, however, meant that a standard procedure was out of the question. The reflections meant that it was not possible to determine a clear image position. The necessary image overlapping was therefore not possible.

Reflections on the facade with lettering (standard procedure)

true scale rectified orthophoto

The solution

Individual image rectifications made it possible to reconstruct the entire facade from individual images. This makes it possible for the window manufacturer to replace individual window elements without costly additional disassembly.

Detail photos before and after rectification

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