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3-D surveying for art

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Sculpture from cloth and cordage between the trees in the International Forest Art Center Darmstadt

Artist Jens J. Meyer has been making spatial installations out of cloth and cordage for 30 years.

VTW was asked to document and archive his sculpture. It is now possible to implement the scanned sculpture into any virtual space.

This offers completely new possibilities for all spatial and urban planners, architects, artists and related fields.

Almost at the same time, a group of various experts was created, which regularly exchanges information via Zoom and explores further possible applications (#augmentedspacesteam).

Weightless, the sculpture made of cloth and cordage floats between the trees in the International Forest Art Center Darmstadt

Many visitors were interested in our project. There was a lively exchange in the middle of the forest.

The 3D laser scanner captures every leaf from the tree in 360 degrees horizontally and vertically - windlessness is important

We first performed a 3D scan outside and inside the sculpture with our 3D laser scanner and started evaluating the data directly in the forest.

The artist was there the whole time supporting the measurement.

When you stand inside the sculpture, new spaces open up

The point cloud was then cleaned up and digitized in the back office. As a possible end product, we created a 3D model that can now be virtually installed in different rooms to get an idea of how a sculpture works with space.

A look at the future

We can look forward to further developments. More about this soon here in the blog.

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