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Grillo Theatre Essen

The history

Essen's Grillo Theater is one of the oldest theaters in the Ruhr region. It owes its name to a generous benefactor, the industrialist Friedrich Grillo, born in 1825 as the son of an Essen merchant family. He was one of the most important entrepreneurs and company founders of the 19th century in the Ruhr region.

The entrance side of the 16-meter-high building, surmounted by a dome above the stage house, faced Kettwiger Strasse then as it does today.

After the war, it was rebuilt and lost its opulent facade.

Theater around 1900 with the bronze bust of Grillo above the main entrance

3D model of the Grillo Theater after the scan by VTW

The challenge

Lighting designers need a detailed image of the facade for their lighting concept, as a new lighting installation is to be created in the outdoor area.

For this purpose, we created a 3D model from a 3D point cloud, which shows the facade in detail with all its offsets and details. Even the ornaments on the capitals of the columns, which are to be highlighted by the lighting at the end, were modeled by us true to detail.

Using special planning software, light floods as well as their light cones can now be simulated so that the lighting concept can be coordinated between the client and the planner before installation.

VTW has been supervising the conversion of the Grillo Theater for years. Extensive modernization is currently taking place in both the interior and exterior areas.

The 3D laser scanner captures every detail

If you have any further questions about this, we will be happy to hear from you at +49 (0)201-3844890

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