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Bodelschwingh Castle Dortmund

The Renaissance-style moated castle with an English landscape park and extensive outer bailey is one of the last castles in the Ruhr area that is still privately owned.

Model from individual images of the drone

The castle has been used as a residence by the family that built it without interruption since 1302. Buildings that were no longer needed for agricultural purposes have been converted into residential and commercial premises over the last 25 years, creating a communally used, diverse living space on the castle grounds. The outer bailey and park are regularly open to the public several times a year as part of events. Some rooms in the castle that are not permanently inhabited by the family can be visited on “Open Monument Day”, for example.

What was the task?

VTW is carrying out surveying work on the castle grounds and is recording the roof structure and the outer shell with a drone.

What was the challenge?

Images were taken from different perspectives using a drone. Since the building is surrounded by a moat and projections, details, roof edges and balconies had to be captured, only a contactless method was possible.

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