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Harkortturm Weather on the Ruhr

Updated: Jun 21

The Harkort Tower is an observation tower on the Harkortberg in Wetter (Ruhr), which was built in 1884 from private donations in memory of Friedrich Harkort. The tower has been a listed building since 1984 and has been part of the Route of Industrial Heritage since the beginning of 2011.

Drone flight around the tower

What was the task?

The monument protection authority of the city of Wetter commissioned us to create orthophotos for all four exterior facades as well as floor plans (line drawings) at different levels.

What was the challenge?

Approximately 600 photos were taken from different perspectives. For example, jumps and details could only be captured with the drone.

The measurement consisted of terrestrial laser scans (interior, balconies, terrace) and UVA images (external walls). The challenge was to combine both results, which resulted from two different measurement systems.

left: Orthomosaic, right: Section trought the point cloud

Longitudinal and cross-sectional view of the tower

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